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Top Ten Ugly Women
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Ru Paul
Not Yet a Woman, Not Yet a Man.

Daryl Hannah
She could pass for a man.

Rosie O'Donell
A butch lesbian will never be beautiful

Roseanne Arnold
fat and sleazy- perfect for the Richard Simmons diet.

Anne Lennox
Someone should tell that woman to keep her clothes on and let her hair grow out, cause she is ugggg-ly.

Jessica Simpson
As long as she keeps her mouth closed and I don't have to watch her perform I am alright.

Alice Brady
She was lucky to have Sam that's all I have to say.

Mrs. Clause
Being married to Santa must have it's ups and ups. I mean, hell, he makes his own "toys".

Sally Fields
Old lady, too many wrinkes

Uma Thurman
Too skinny, too tall, too ewww...