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Answers for Hockey Quiz
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The Answers Everyone Has Been Waiting For!

If you answered mostly A's you're most like Corey. Corey enjoys working with children and hanging out with his "buddies". He likes to bake and talk on the phone. His favorite nail polish color is Fiesta Red. He likes to take long walks on the beach with his boyfriend and he eats a lot of bratwurst. His favorite color to wear is purple.

If you answered mostly B's you're like cocky asshole Kyle. You like to beat up on other people and you make no aknowledgement of anyone who you don't feel is good enough to talk to you. You like to hit people and you hate everyone who hates you...sometimes even those who like you. You are a heavy drinker and you have tried pot and liked it. You own an SUV.

If you answered mostly C's you are most like Eric Ehn. You are sweet and nice to people that you like and dislike. You show appreciation for your fans and you have a lot of responsibility. You only drink on occasions and like to hang out with your girlfriend. There's nothing really to say about Eric because of the lack of men like him, but we would like to guarantee that out there, there is at least three of these men. PS...They may be Malaysian.

If you answered D's you are the Veteran Noah Babin. Your favorite food is pretzels and you constantly eat with your mouth open. You are a disgusting pig with a large pot belly stomach. You drink beer and bear a close resemblence between Kyle Klubertanz and yourself. You are an amazing hunk of shit. You are a pig.

If you answered mostly E's you are most like Jonny Ralph. You are extremely into working out and making yourself look good and in turn make yourself look like an ass. Your legs are in perfect condition so as to run from the cops after you stole a protein drink. You hate people who weigh less than you and have bigger pipes than you. Your idea of a hot date is running on the track behind the high school at midnight and then running to the GNC to buy your protein shake. Anything to get you hot and sweaty and make your muscles bigger is a treat for you. You are annoying to society.

It's best to be like Eric...cause at least he's nice