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Brett Simonis- Jon's Little Buddy
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For those of you who do not know Brett Simonis he is a very cute boy who plays golf in my high school golf conference. Hot stuff. I write funny poems and I wrote this one just for him. To you Brett...I love you(I LOVE YOU TOO BRETT SIMONIS-added by the Kellinator).

1/2 of the Golfing Duo
Brett Simonis

The other half.
My Jonny Boy(ok, i only wish)

Brett Simonis- Jon's Little Buddy
The Golfing Duo

For Jon: I hope that you and Brett Simonis enjoy this. We love you.
By Polish Sausage and Vegetable Pierogi

Brett and Jon were best of friends
They really got along.
But what they did while golfing one day
Was REALLY, really wrong.

While out golfing, Brett fell in the pond,
And wet himself up to his knees.
but you really should know its not from the pond,
In reality he really peed.

Brett I feel obliged to share
my pants with you today.
So Jonny stripped down to his skivvies,
Now, do you feel okay?

Yes, Brett said with a smile
and he got naked too.
They ran around with golf clubs on;
Everyone hid and booed.

Except for Kelli, who on the ninth hole,
Screamed with incredible glee.
Brett is naked! Jon is naked!
Why did everyone flee?

Mrs. McCorkle replied with a frown,
You boys should really know,
Running on a golf course naked
Is a big gigantic NO.

So Brett put Jonnys pants on,
And pranced along the walk.
But Brett just wasnt looking
And tripped on a large rock.

He fell and screamed in pain,
But got up anyway.
Now, Jonny did you like that?
Were you looking this way?

Im sorry I missed it, I feel real bad,
but if you like you may do it again.
So Brett went back and faked his fall
Again and again times ten.

Mike Higgins thought it was funny too
And tried to copy his act.
Now you see why this poem had to end.
You know that for a fact.

Mike Higgins never took classes
On wanky-ism or being nude.
Jon has a special pin and all
And is known as Naked-Dude.

Remember now forevermore
That golf is a classic sport.
You should always keep your clothes on
Cause you could be taken to court.