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Oh Danny Boy
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Oh Danny Boy

For Tomasexy: You drive us wild.

By Polish Sausage and Co-Authored by Vegetable Pierogi

Today we honor you, oh Danny,

For being who you are.

Youre a real special boy,

But we know about the car.

One night while G-Town slept

Danny was the one

Outside in his garage

Having a little fun

His car recently waxed

Was smooth and shiny

So Danny took advantage

And rubbed his heiny

On the car that is as smooth as silk

He couldnt help the urge.

He removed his boxer shorts

And began to immerge.

By now it was one oclock

And Danny had to leave.

So Danny put his PJs on

And was pushing up his sleeves.

When out across the front yard

His mom was standing there,



Mom, I couldnt help myself.

I couldnt stop the feeling.

Well youd better stop the feeling!

Cause your dads gonna hit the ceiling!

Dannys pride was hurt real bad

But he didnt really care.

Cause tomorrow tonight would come again

And he would be prepared.

He had his boxers laid out

His favorite pair that is

He waited for the rents to sleep

And then he did his biz.

He crept out to his mini-van

Still as smooth as ice.

He rubbed his heiny on the van

Not just one, but twice.

While rubbing his butt the second time

Danny had a thought.

If I rub it just right this way,

It might just hurt a lot.

He thought he might experiment,

But Danny saw a light.

It was his girlfriend Jamie,

They were in a fight.

Jamie Dear, he said to her

his eyes full of fear.

Please do not tell my mom and dad,

Theyll kick me in the rear.

I will not say a word to them,

as long as you do one thing.

Anything you want Sweetie.

I want a diamond ring.

So now you know how they broke up,

The morals really clear.

During the middle of the night,

Dont be wiping vans with your rear.

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