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Foreign Words- A World of Fun
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I feel as if foreign words enhance the vocabulary and engage your mind. When people use foreign words they sound as if they travel and have seen the world. I could not find a translator for Hebrew or Malaysian but someday these words will be allowed for you to use. I am also afraid that if I try to put any Arabic words on here I will be blown up like a train or my head will be cut off so I have decided to not use Arabic on my website. In the future maybe things will be different. But for now, a list of foreign words to use on people. Enjoy...


1. Horse: Paard
2. Mother- Moeder
3. Shoe: Schoen
4. Fingernail- Vingernagel
5. Fried Potato: Gebraden Aardappel
6. Hot Stuff- Heet Materiaal
7. Grammar: grammatica


1. Fly: Mosca
2. Pumpkin: Abobora
3. Bathroom: Banheiro
4. Mentally Impaired: Danificado Mentalmente
5. She gets around: Começa ao redor



Magazine: Zeitschrift

Nailpolish: Nagellack

Alligator: Krokodil

Dill Pickle: Dillgurke

Beached Whale: Auf den Strand gesetzter Wal


1. Hair Transplant: greffe de cheveux
2. Diamond- diament
3. Towel Head: tête de serviette